Vocalized Texts for September 7th

My good friend Davis Phillips has kindly agreed to record the texts which we will prepare for September 7th.  (Exodus 12-13, Acts 1-2)  I commend these recordings and his pronunciation with enthusiasm.  Davis' pronunciation is incomparably superior to my own.  I think it is important to approach these sacred texts both through the eyes AND through the ears.  Many of us are pretty weak with the latter.  Bill+

If you would like to discuss with Davis these recordings, you can reach him at davis.phillips@utexas.edu






Advanced Greek Reading

Those who have achieved a solid mastery of introductory Greek and have translated at least 100 pages of the GNT are invited to join a small group of Greek readers who are pressing more deeply into the Greek of the more difficult books of the GNT and the more difficult Greek of the Septuagint.  This group meets the first and third Friday of each month at the Dripping Springs United Methodist Church from 1:30-3:30.*

*Those who are unable to join this group either because of timing conflicts or geography are invited to participate in a similar reading group which is Skype-based.  If I have a minimum of 3 or 4 Greek readers who would like to meet by Skype, I am pleased to make that happen.  Again, participants in this reading group should have a solid mastery of introductory Greek and should have translated a minimum of 100 pages of the GNT already.  If interested in either the face to face reading group or the Skype-based group, contact me at bill@texasanglicans.net