The Daily Office -- 1928 BCP

Quite a number of liturgical Christians who have adopted the Daily Office as their structure of daily prayer and Bible reading have done so under the magisterial influence of the 1928 BCP.  We are not going to advocate a particular Prayerbook on this site but recognize that many earnest liturgical Christians have benefited from a variety of Prayerbooks.  But inasmuch as Bill's prayer life has been *deeply* shaped by this particular PB, we'll start here.

Perhaps the easiest way to have the MP and EP liturgies put before you already loaded with the appropriate Psalms and readings is to use this site (for print),

and this site for an elegantly recorded service,

If you want to learn/acquire the spiritual habit of the Daily Office in terms of the 1928 BCP, you can't go wrong with those two sites.  I recommend that you visit the Cradle of Prayer site each morning and let them guide you into the rhythms of this historic Anglican liturgy.  Once you get a feel for the basic structure and rhythm you will be well on your way.  If you do this for a month and have questions about it, write Bill at .