Helps for Duff's Chapter 1

These two sites might be of help as you learn to write the Greek letters. At this point the students should not concern themselves with the capital letters.


On the sounds of the letters please follow my lead (even if I differ from Duff). (PDF) (Word)

Here is a recording of the Prologue of John done by yours truly.

Here is the Greek of John 1 in Word, Pages and PDF.

Lastly, here is the simple overview of the History of the Greek Language which I would like everyone to memorize by the next class.

The assignment for the next meeting (focussing on Duff chap. 1) is,

Read foreword, preface, the aim of this book, how to use this book, the history of the Greek language, and totally and utterly master chapter 1.  

Practice writing the alphabet in regular (minuscule) script.  Do all of the practice exercises and all of the exercises.  Memorize the brief overview of the history of the Greek language found above.  Several times listen to John 1:1-18 in my recording even as you look at the Greek text.  Get where you can sound out the Greek of all of John 1 (handout) somewhat confidently.  Be able to say the alphabet in under 20 seconds.  Be ready to provide English example words which illustrate the Greek diphthongs.

Let the good times roll! Write me with any questions. I answer email religiously.