Many people are presently being drawn back into more ancient and historically-rooted expressions of Christian life and thought.  Those experiencing this reorientation are oftentimes encountering the majesty and the potency of the historical liturgy and the profound shaping of the spiritual life which can occur when one’s Christian experience is deliberately and self-consciously anchored to the rhythms of the Christian Year and the beautiful traditional language of the liturgy from early church writers.  Many younger adults and people of quite diverse backgrounds are being attracted to the spiritual beauty of liturgy which is anchored in the life of Jesus remembered and experienced through the church’s ancient seasonal rhythms of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Trinity, and various significant religious festivals.  One particularly potent source of blending of a majestic liturgy deeply shaped and informed by a profound biblical orientation is the historical treasure of Reformation Anglicanism.


Texas Anglicans in the Hill Country was created to be a resource to provide instruction and guidance toward a spirituality shaped by these powerful early and historical practices of observing and honoring the Church year and the liturgy that provides such a rich theological pattern and seasonality to life.  We are interested in explaining and advocating for a pattern of Bible Reading, Daily Prayer, and Confession which is both ancient and transformative.  It is our intention to explain and commend the ancient pattern of daily prayer and Bible reading known as the Anglican Daily Office.  We will demonstrate the continuing relevance of embracing “sanctified time” through an understanding of and immersion within that theological seasonality.  We intend to explain and demonstrate the stately beauty and reverence of traditional Prayerbook corporate worship.  And we will explore and advocate the theological and spiritual distinctives of historic Reformation Anglicanism generally.

We are extending an invitation to others to look at these matters together with us and to try on for size a distinctively Anglican life in actual practice. We will strive to achieve a balance between theory and praxis.


Many offerings will be through face-to-face group, family, or individual interactions or presented on various blogs through this site.

The Reverends Brown and Dickson and other instructors invited by them to contribute to this work will be providing over time multiple educational courses and interactive opportunities for individuals to participate in this learning community.  The following will be some of our offerings: 

1. Create your own Rule of Life shaped by historical Anglican assumptions and values which includes prayer, study, stewardship, recreation, work, family, civic life, etc.

2. Join conversations on significant classic works of some of the formative fathers of the church (Origen, Athanasius, Augustine, John of Damascus, Bernard of Clairveaux, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer, John Jewel, Richard Hooker, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John Stott, etc.)

3. Take courses on Bible, historical theology (especially 39 Articles), church history, apologetics, Christian ethics, biblical languages, the life of prayer and many other topics of interest.

4. Gather for occasional special worship experiences (Morning or Evening Prayer, Compline, or Holy Communion or particular services linked to the Church Calendar) as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer.

Please check out the courses and learning opportunities at Texas Anglicans in the Hill Country for this Fall. We warmly invite any and all from whatever background to explore with us the treasures of Reformation Anglicanism.  May the Spirit of God open these treasures to us as we journey in faith together.  Join us in this adventure!