"Is it too marvelous for you?"

Discussed on August 2nd at Thursday’s group.  Chapter 8 is a milestone for
the prophet  Zechariah.  It described how Jerusalem would one day flourish
in the backdrop of exile, desolation, and lack of resources.  It talks about old
men and women using a staff because of their long life and young boys and
girls playing in the open squares of Jerusalem.  Also, it talks of God’s new
relationship with the remnant, who have been regathered from the 4 winds. 
They have been promised that the vine will produce her fruit, the land will yield her
produce, the heavens will rain down dew, and the remnant will receive an
inheritance.  The Lord taunts the remnant of Israel by saying:  “is it too
marvelous for you?”  What our group discussed was how God's plan for us is much
greater than what we assume.   Our resolutions were to expand our vision of what
the Lord is planning through us and to trust that God will do exactly what he has
planned.  Next Thursday (8/9), our study will be based on Zechariah 8:18-23.