2000+ Years Between Two CONSECUTIVE Verses in Zechariah

9:9  Rejoice exceedingly daughter of Zion and shout daughter of Jerusalem.  Behold your king will come animated by righteousness and bringing salvation.  He is humble (poor) and riding on a donkey and on a young foal. 

This reveals the humble state of the Messiah King, which is beautifully communicated in Isaiah 53.  This humble King is not endowed with the wealth of the nations.  No powerful king rides into Jerusalem on a donkey, but instead, rides on a glorious steed.  The style of this Messiah's entry is emblematic of the kingdom to which He serves.  This was the manner of the one they called Jesus and gloriously confirmed throughout the New Testament.   


9:10  A chariot will be cut off from Ephraim and a warhorse from Jerusalem and a battle bow will be removed.  He will speak peace to the nations and his dominion is from sea to sea from the river (Euphrates) to the ends of the earth.  

The military imagery of the Lord of Hosts bringing wrath on the nations and ushering in the glorious reign of a Messiah King permeates the book of Zechariah.  The prophet speaks of the elimination of all arms from the earth.  His dominion will extend throughout the earth.    

The Coming of the Humble Messiah was attested to by numerous Old Testament Scriptures.  So, the Coming of the Glorious Messiah inferred to in verse 10 has also been attested to by numerous scriptures from the Old Testament.

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